90 Miles to Havana

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School Wide Summer Reading Assignment 90 Miles to Havana Dear, Enrique Flores-Galbis After Reading the Story 90 Miles to Havana written by Enrique Flores-Galbis I found the book to be very interesting. Personally I felt that the book covered a variety of different topics that are unseen in today’s society. For example I thought that the book demonstrated the real world and how tough it really is out there. Realistically it is nearly impossible to have a world that isn’t full of hatred or violence. The first comment/question that I had on the book 90 Miles to Havana was directed toward Enrique Flores-Galbis. The question that I had was did you ever have to go through a similar experience that Julian and his two brothers went through? I can’t even begin to imagine a scenario where my parents send me to a completely different country. I feel that it would be very difficult to adapt to a different countries customs especially when having to take care of other people around you. In todays society there are many bullies and there have been for an extremely long time. The challenges that would have to be overcome in a situation like this would be extremely difficult to do in my opinion. The second comment that I had on this story was that it must have been extremely difficult for Julian to be separated from his brothers in the orphanage. They were the only things that could remind of his home and now they are separated. These are the two comments that I had on the story 90 Miles to
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