Chris Abani's Song For Night

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During the late 60's and early 70's the people of Nigeria had to live under extreme conditions.They dealt with poverty, unfair human rights, and a county with a lack of power and wealth. These were everyday problems and they had to deal with, it was the way of life. In the book Song for Night Chris Abani shows us a young teenage boy named "My Luck" and how he deals with these situations. Its hard to think of a teenage boy going through extreme poverty, but we learn from him and what he had to do to survive during this civil war. Poverty is one of the biggest problems throughout Africa, and Nigeria was no stranger to it in the 60's and 70's . The people of that country were definitely hit hard at that time because of the civil war going…show more content…
In most cases the side who is more powerful will win the war. Wealth is important but not as much. It helps to be wealthy because you are able to afford better weapons and put more into newer technology, but if you don't know how to use the new technology is doesn't make that much of a difference if your wealthy or not. In this book we can tell the side that My Luck is fighting for is not wealthy and has very little power. We can see examples of this when he is always pillaging for food and ammo. The only power he has is his AK-47, which symbolizes his fight against poverty, power, and wealth. Wealth was dormant on both sides of this civil war, you can tell because neither had a clear advantage of better weapons or resources they were both scrounging for what ever they could get their hands on. Power and Wealth symbolize strength in a country and it was obvious to see that Nigeria was a weak country. Here in America most people don't have to worry about extreme poverty, unfair human rights, power and wealth. During the late 1960's and early 1970' the people of Nigeria had to deal with these situations as a way of life. The book Song for Night deals with and shows us these three situations mentioned above. We learn through the first hand experience of a young 15 year old boy "My Luck" how he deals with these problems. He shows us what is takes to survive a civil war and the inhumane things that goes on during war. He gives us a view point which we don't see very often and would like never to see

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