7 Disadvantages of the Internet Essay

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Discuss the 7 disadvantages of the Internet. One of the greatest disadvantages of the Internet is the lack of reliability of the research numbers generated. A quick review of forecasts, audience profiles, and other statistics offered by research providers will demonstrate a great deal of variance – leading to a serious lack of validity and reliability. But due to difficulties involved in both measuring and forecasting in this medium, it remains necessary to proceed with caution when using these numbers. Another disadvantage is annoyance. Having to install additional software, experiencing difficulty in navigation, and encountering other pet peeves have led many consumers to permanently leave sites. The third disadvantage is clutter. As the number of ads proliferates, the likelihood of one’s ad being noticed drops accordingly. This result is that some ads may not get noticed, and some consumers may become irritated by the clutter. The Internet offers a potential for deception. The web is referred to as a web of deceit in regard to advertisers’ attempts to target children with subtle advertising messages. In addition, data collection without consumers’ knowledge and permission, hacking, and credit card theft are among the problems confronting Internet users. Another disadvantage is privacy. Internet marketers must be careful not to impinge upon the privacy of users. While the Internet numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, its reach still lags behind that of television. As a result, Internet companies have turned to traditional media to achieve their reach and awareness goals. The last disadvantage is irritation. Numerous studies have reported on the irritating aspects of some web tactics, such as clutter, email spam, and

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