4D Ultrasounds Essay

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4D Ultrasounds The benefits of having images of unborn babies are too numerous to count. Doctors can determine facial deformities and neck size during an ultrasound examination. Doctors and patients have been affected from very poor image resolution for far too long but, not anymore. 4D ultrasounds allow us to view unborn babies as never before. “It’s a new medical 4D ultrasound technology that rides waves for the future” (Medical News Today:1). The technology uses a tremendous display of computer hardware to produce the ultrasound, making it a much cheaper alternative to expensive machines (Medical News Today:1). The 4D ultrasound provides a three-dimensional live action motion video which rotates volumes to view all sides of the fetus. Now doctors have amazing photos of babies as young as 3 weeks‘ gestation, when still in the mothers’ womb. 4D ultrasounds are extremely helpful in many ways. For example, it provides a tool for observation of the fetal face. Doctors will be able to determine a cleft lip or palate, skull or facial deformities. It’s also a breakthrough designed to provide you with all the information and security you need to ensure your family’s peace of mind and good health for the baby. 4D ultrasound images are of high quality and are extremely realistic. In addition, physicians and sonographers can better analyze fetal development using a safe modality for both the mother and fetus. (The Journal Of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine:675) Other areas in which the 4D ultrasound is helpful include examination of nasal bones, ears, cranial suture, a estimation of the fetal weight, thorax, spin, femur volume and length, blood flow, the four-chamber view of the heart, feet, stomach, hands, placenta, lung function, the size of the lungs, the circumference of the head, the umbilical cord and view the size of the brainstem (Ultrasound in the MFM
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