Cqi Iniative for a Cardiac Cath Lab

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Thesis A (CQI) initiative for a Cardiac Lab upholds plus maintains an existence of best performance in an interventional setting. Outcomes are the direct results of perfecting policies and processes, through the completion of CQI. CQI includes a varied assortment of ideas such as quality control, quality indicators, practice enhancements, organizational mission and vision viewpoints, and tactical planning. Continuous quality improvement (CQI) must be hands-on and must be an ongoing upgrade of policies and procedures. (Dehmer GJ, Hirshfeld JW, Ogden WJ, et al. 2004). CQI must be resolute to generate change by upholding a group enthusiastic about self-motivated, positive principles of CQI. A Cath Lab with an active CQI program must persistently refer to its resolve, and attempts to accept change. The Lab’s Mission Statement: Providing exceptional Cardiac Catheterization Technology and Cardiac Care through compassionate service. The Lab’s vision is committed to: * Providing exceptional clinical and compassionate care daily. * Constantly recognizing quality prospects. * Growing services based on need and availability to care. * Securing the cutting-edge technology to exceed patient expectations * Employ skilled staff dedicated to providing a Center of Excellence in Cardiac Catheterization to all patients. This attitude emboldens the identification and initiation of the best procedures to deliver optimal results. CQI in most organizations concentrate on two investigative values to guarantee CQI: 1) execution values, such as meeting the level of clinical skills necessary by the Cardiac Cath Lab Staff to ensure patient safety, and 2) patient results, such as decreases in documented complication statistics. Purpose of Program This CQI project includes reviewing the qualifications and requirements of Cardiac Cath Lab Technicians. (see attachment

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