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September 2011 Journalism 1. Lately, within the past year, a popular medium through which entertainment has been broadcasting through – 3D. 3D is short for 3-Dimensional, a-k-a, A vector space with three dimensions. The movie industry has been trying to cash in on 3D movies; however, the cash flow going into the box office is not coming in at its potential. The reason behind this dilemma is that people are paying more money for fewer tickets. In addition, people do not just want to see a movie without break the bank, they want to see an outstanding one. If Hollywood does not come up with a better plot, then people will eventually just stop showing up to the theaters. 2. The intended audience for the article read would be moviegoers and producers. One can tell that is the case because the article addresses both parties. On one hand, you have producers who need to come up with better plots within movies. On the other hand, you have moviegoers not wanting to buy 3D movies due to the price, which is the theater’s fault. However, when a moviegoer does decide to watch 3D, the movie they decided to watch did not have a very good scheme, which leads back to the producers that need to come up with better ideas. 3. Sami Yenigun, a worker for the National Public Radio, and a DJ, according to his twitter page. 4. The purpose of this article was to inform and explain to the intended audience why 3D movies are not bringing in as much money as they should. However, the purpose could also be to inspire or to pave the way for someone else. Take into consideration what Yenigun explains in this article, if one were to avoid all the wrongs of 3D movies then it is safe to assume that one could have a successful movie. 5. Despite the facts stated in this article, the article still has opinions within it. If carefully analyzed, the article contains an opinion in just

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