20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea The reader steps inside an amazing submarine and explores the underwater world in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. While men have traveled and explored the oceans for centuries, Jules Verne imagines a fantastic world for the nineteenth century reader. Moreover, his chief protagonist, Captain Nemo, is a strong willed visionary, who creates his underwater vessel, the Nautilus, to free himself from the trappings of society and take sole possession of the seascape. Professor Aronnax, an accidental guest onboard the Nautilus for ten months, recounts the magnificent beauty of the oceans and the comforts of daily life on the submarine as he tries to understand the complex character that is Captain Nemo. The professor’s observations reveal that while Captain Nemo shows passive respect to God as the Creator of the natural world, he doesn't have true faith in The Creator nor revealed religion. Rather, he rebels against natural and man made law, and ultimately rejects human society, seeking revenge against humanity for perceived wrongs. The evidence that Captain Nemo respects God as the Creator is replete. Captain Nemo values the lives of those he holds dear, such as when he cried after his crew member died or when he saved the life of the pearl diver. In mourning and saving life, Captain Nemo showed a certain gratefulness for God’s creations. Captain Nemo also uses all of the Earth’s resources that God has given to fuel his explorations. Moreover, The Captain appreciates the beauty of the created world and is much more at home in it, than the artificial environs of mankind. With these facts we can tell that Captain Nemo has respect for God as the Creator. Captain Nemo doesn’t show explicit faith in God. Though Captain Nemo does have respect for God, he doesn’t have
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