1984 Winston Character Analysis

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Aijing Zhang English 10/ Period 7 Mr. Cruz Feb. 21st 2012 Winston is only attracted to Julia because she is a rebel Everything starts with a love note. Winston Smith is just a normal clerk who works under one of the Party Ministries. One day, he meets with Julia, a young girl who also works in Party. After she gives him an ''I love you'' note, they start a relationship. For them, it's only an act of rebelling against Party. Winston is only attracted to Julia because she is a rebel. Julia is a rebel against the party who is trying to find more party members who feel the same way. Even though she is an attractive, young woman, her rebellious mind is her most attractive quality. Winston is most attracted to her that she hates the Party as…show more content…
'I hated the sight of you,' he said. 'I wanted to rape you and then murder you afterwards. Two weeks ago I thought seriously of smashing your head in with a cobblestone. If you really want to know, I imagined that you had something to do with the Thought Police.'(page 206) Winston’s feelings towards Julia have a huge transition. Before knowing what kind of person Julia truly is, Winston assumes that she is just one of the other girls who always follow the orthodox path. Because of this, he hates her so much that if he ever has a chance he would kill her by throwing a cobblestone to her head. However, Julia is nothing like the other girl; instead of being orthodox, she has a very wild mind she is rebellious she hates the party as much as Winston does. These are all revealed by that piece of note she sent to Winston. The only difference between the “before” and the “now” Julia is that the “now” Julia is a rebel. If Winston loves Julia because of other reasons, he would have fall in love with her before seeing that piece of note. Julia is still the same girl: she is still the same dark hair girl who has the same young body and even wearing the same kind of clothing. The only reason that can explain why he loves her is that he is only in love with her rebellious action. He can relate to Julia, because he is a rebellious person as well. This love becomes a strength that boosts Winston’s self esteem and offers him motivation to stand against the

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