“Veni, Vedi, Vici” - Julius Caesar

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The 1989 dramedy, Heathers, directed by Michael Lehmann is a social commentary on the drama that comes from suburban life and high school antics. The 2004 teen comedy, Mean Girls, directed by Mark Waters is also a commentary on teenagers with its petty gossip and backstabbing. Heathers takes place in a pleasant own where the adults are neglectful and high school that thrives on drama. Veronica Sawyer is part of the Heathers, the most popular clique in school and is eager to get out. Mean Girls centers on Cady Heron, a down-to-earth girl from Africa who becomes obsessed with popularity. While trying to sabotage the Plastics – the most popular clique in her school – she becomes one herself. Both Cady and Veronica join these popular cliques and believe it is better to be popular than a loser, however, they both destroy their cliques but in different way. Cady takes the Plastics down through social suicide while Veronica takes a more drastic approach with the Heathers. Veronica hates the Heathers from the beginning of the film while at first; Cady could not find a reason to hate the Plastics. However, they were both drawn to the idea of popularity. Though there is not much background on what Veronica did or how she joined the Heathers, she later realizes how cruel the Heathers are and she does not want to be part of their group any longer. Since she does not know what to do about her dilemma, she remains stuck, Veronica also refers to her friends as “co-workers [that she has to put up with because] popularity is like a business” (Heathers). When she meets mysterious bad boy Jason Dean she goes on a psychotic mission to end the Heathers. On the other hand, when Cady joins the Plastics it is simply an accident that turns into sabotage. All she was supposed to do was tell her friends about “all the mean and ridiculous things Regina [said]” (Mean Girls) so that they could

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