100th Anniversary of World War 1

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The 100th Anniversary of the World’s Worst War- World War I INTRODUCTION: - It all started with the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina at that time. The Austrian government suspected Serbia to be the cause of the murder and declared war. Little did they know that they had just started the most gruesome, unnecessary and ugliest wars that the 20th century was ever going to see. However, the assassination was only one of the factors that led to the war. Germany had become a powerful nation in Europe. Its army became bigger and mightier. It had been very close to the province of Austria-Hungary and tried to assert itself. It slowly rose to power only to be crushed, this time by the United States of America. This War involved more countries than any war had seen before or after it. No man was spared in this war, from civilians to noblemen, people from all walks and spheres of life suffered and casualties rose to a total of 37 million the majority being civilians and military personnel. The First World War started in August 1914. It would last for more than four years. The world would never be the same. So many people feared this war that it acquired a name for itself, “The Great War”. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ a) Life in the Trenches (Misery in the Mud): Smelly, noisy and filthy are just some of the adjectives a soldier would use to describe the nightmarish place called a trench. A trench was dug to protect soldiers from being in the direct line of fire. A typical trench was seven feet deep and six feet wide, built in a zigzagged pattern to prevent the enemies from shooting straight down the line. The land that separated the Allies and the German trenches was a wasteland of craters, blackened tree stumps and the occasional shell of a

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