Romanov Dynasty Research Paper

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Romanov essay Romanov family had ruled Russia since 1613 and under a autocratic government, during the time between 1904-1918 Nicholas the 2nd had ruled taking all the responsibilities of the major collapse of the tsarist regime. There were many contributing factors that lead to the eventual collapse of the Romanov regime. The major events that affected Romanov rule included the many social, economic and political problems. Particular events which also acted as a catalyst for the collapse of the dynasty included the 1905 revolution/Bloody Sunday, the Russo – Japanese war, the October Manifesto, Industrialisation strikes and unrest and ultimately resulting in the outbreak of World War 1. As a result of these combination of factors, WWI was the ‘straw that broke the camels back’ and resulted in the downfall of the tsarist regime in 1917. The ruler of Russia was called the Tsar Nicholas the 2nd was an autocratic leader with few skills to rule 32 million Russians. He was politically naïve and granted himself with absolute power over the…show more content…
Violence was building up in Russia but the news of Russia going to war united the people, as evident “never during the twenty years of his reign had the emperor been so popular as that moment”. A great number of Russian’s were asking the questions ‘was Russia ready for war in 1914?’ as Russia took over Austrian land and suffered heavy defeats by the Germans. There was a standing army of 1 423 000 with the large amount of peple it was nicknamed the “the Russian steamroller”. There was 3 100 000 men in the reserves and 10 million in the militia. Within a year most of the soldiers were out of it. The poor amount of equipment and supplies was a major break down to the war with million of men without riles, one rifle was shared between 3 men, shortages of oats for the horses, boots for the troops and doctors for the wounded. By 1915 the French were making 5 times as many shells as the
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