03.08 the Narrative Essay Final (English 3)

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Fortunato was a husky well-built man, a man who knew his wines and plowed the Noble's massive 40 acre farm with precise perfection, as if done by a garden plow tractor. On the other hand, there was Montresor, a frail short man who was known for his clumsiness, who depended on Fortunato to finish where he left off. As Montresor would sit under the oak tree and drink his glass of water, trying to catch his breath every so 20 minutes. The Noble handled the two suitably with a glossy gold coin a day, a wooden 20th century styled furnished place to live and three mouthwatering meals a day. Montresor and Fortunato became exceptional friends over the years but began to realize the Noble's bizarre behavior of violent yelling, the decrease in meals, the gold coin came every so often and their home started to flood of rats with an unknown stench. The scent of rotten onions and sewage began to spew throughout their home. Fortunato was deranged with the careless actions of the Noble and began to rant to Montresor about the Noble's carelessness. On a breezy chilly morning, Fortunato and Montresor decide to question the Noble about the ongoing changes and crummy stability. But the Noble wailed with anger, that his speech became scrabbled and uncertain. His face lit with redness, his veins ruptured through his skin, threatening to get rid of them and destroy their lives. Fortunato and Montresor were staggered by his tone and words but Montresor came up with a demented plan that would make the Noble think twice of his own life. "How dare he speak in such tone, we've worked for him so long!" furiously said Fortunato. As Fortunato bash the wooden dining table inward, breaking it into two halves, to release his raging anger. Montresor perched against the tree branch, reflecting on the Noble's words. "I have a plan." Abruptly Montresor introduced. "What plan?" replied Fortunato.

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