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Compare and Contrast Between Online and Traditional Classes Essay

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  • on September 14, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Compare and Contrast Between Online and Traditional Classes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Jose D Centeno
Week 6
Composition I – 102
Compare and contrast online learning with classroom (on-ground) learning
What are the difference and the comparison between online classes and on ground classes? Each one has the same features. Like for example you can take a class of your choosing and decide rather you would want online or you would like to take it on ground campus, either way you get basically the same education and also the subject one what you learning from. The difference is that you may not understand what the teacher or instructor would want you to do correctly to look over. Like on campus you have the instructor right there in front of you if you have questions to help, basically face to face, hands on work. With online it’s a lot different to me because I would get stuck on what to do and in need of help when it comes to class work and understanding on what to do.
The comparison between the two online and on ground campus is that you get the same subject, and the same level of learning. Also most of the time some of the assignments are the same as well, for example you get your education from the text book, computers and many other are the same for online and ground campus. The work is like due at certain time as well too. They both have the same length of semesters usually twelve weeks of work and assignment’s to be done. To me there’s a major differences between the two online and ground campus between preparation time, rewards, pitfalls. Online work has to be due within a week while on campus, instructors give you a certain time to turn in work if late work grade gets reduces usually. What really interest me about online is that you basically can be anywhere and do your online work at any place, time, and opportunity you got to do the work.

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