“a Brief Study on the Criminalization of Lying: Bangladesh Perspective”

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“A brief study on the Criminalization of Lying: Bangladesh Perspective” Most of the people claim that they are virtuous, have a strong morality, do not harm others, and have no bad characteristics. Unfortunately, the reality is somewhat different, for the vast majority of people have some bad moral aspects that is forbidden in any circumstances. Lying, which is the subject of this writing, is something to which people pay little attention. They feign ignorance when others lie and regard themselves as innocent when they do it. This is a characteristic of a large section of humanity. Throughout the world, large numbers of people from every social sector lie from their early years onward for a variety of reasons: to put on a show for others, out of pride, to make others laugh, to ensure a profit for themselves, to protect themselves, and to slander and harm others. Many people lie for very simple reasons or because they have got used to it. The average person does not kill, rob, or rape, but she/he does lie, and she/he lies often. Friends lie to friends to be polite; students lie to their professors about missed assignments; husbands lie to their wives about their whereabouts when in fact they are having affairs; teenagers lie to their parents about the friends they keep; we even lie that we feel fine when we do not. Our relatives lie; our co-workers lie—and we lie to them. However, they do not consider doing so a sign of serious immorality, even though all religion have strictly forbidden it and states that liars will be compensated with Hell in the afterlife and some laws has been enacted to punish for it by the countries as well. What is lying? A long-standing and powerful moral principle is that lying is a wrongful conduct. It is a form of deception. Lying is giving some information while believing it to be untrue, intending to deceive by doing so. It has

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