Zeus' Involvement in the Odyssey Essay

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Though Zeus is involved in both parts of The Odyssey, the “Adventures of Odysseus” and the “Return of Odysseus”, his level and type of involvement differs between the two. In part one, Zeus is more involved using things like the weather to influence Odysseus’ ship rather than being directly involved. His attitude towards Odysseus is harsh and hateful and he hinders Odysseus’ attempts to get home. In part two, Zeus seems to get more directly involved in such ways as allowing his daughter, Athena, to help Odysseus. Along those lines, Zeus’ attitude towards Odysseus appears to have changed for him to allow Odysseus to be helped. In the “Adventures of Odysseus”, Zeus involves himself in several ways. He controls the weather against Odysseus’ favor and eventually destroyed his ship and crew. A few examples of Zeus’ weather-controlling habit include, “Now Zeus the lord of cloud roused in the north a storm against the ships, and driving veils of squall moved down like night on land and sea.” And “… a giant wind blew from the heaven, and clouds driven by Zeus shrouded land and sea in a night of storm….” Near the end of the “Adventures of Odysseus”, Zeus further involves himself by killing all of Odysseus’ crew as punishment for having eaten Helios’ cattle. In part two of The Oddysey, Zeus’ involvement is different than it was in part one. Zeus’ attitude towards Odysseus seems to have changed, and he gets more directly involved than just controlling the weather. Zeus allows Athena to assist Odysseus in his quest to gain his house back. Certain phrases that indicate Zeus’ apparent change of heart include, “… suppose Athena’s arm is over us, and Zeus her father’s, must I rack my brain for more?” Also, “Pallas Athena and Zeus All-Provident will see you through.” Zeus’ attitude toward Odysseus changes between part one and part two. Though it is not specified why
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