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Introduction Zara is one of the largest international fashion brands of Inditex. The company first opened in La Coruna in 1975, still lives by the simple idea of Amancio Ortega to link customer demand to manufacturing, and link manufacturing to distribution. The customer is at the heart of the business model. In 1985, Inditex became the holding company atop Zara and other retail chains, and Jose Maria Castellano Rios joined the company. Castellano and Ortega shared the same beliefs that quick response to customers, use of computers, and disintegrated decision-making were important to build the business (McAfee, Dessain, & Sjoman, 2007). Zara model has become phenomena, and many fashion companies tried to imitate it, yet no one succeed to achieve the distinguish place of Zara in the fashion industry. One of the reasons for this originality is the innovation oriented process that has been used since the opening of the company. In the following pages, Zara model, innovation, process, flexibility and many other issues is going to be discussed through the answers to three questions. Q1. Is the Zara model sustainable? What would you do to preserve their edge over the next 5–10 years, given that many other players are now looking to follow their example? If you don’t think it can survive, give your reasons for why you think the model is unsustainable and will fail. Before deciding on whether or not Zara model is sustainable we must look closely at this model, Zara model is built on strong innovation system, this system utilizes both technology pull and demand push to create a product of high quality at a competitive price along with distinguish service in short amount of time. Zara is in continuous search for new fashion signals, new models, trends and needs. These needs are used to select the most appropriate strategic choice and then the chosen designs are

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