Your Grateful Strength and Grateful Weakness Essay

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Your grateful strength and grateful weakness Do you know what is your grateful strength and grateful weakness?I think the grateful strength are the things you like to do and you usual to do, and the grateful weakness are the things that you don’t like to do and you doesn’t usual to do. In this short essay I'm going to write about what are the two things that I’m grateful strength to and what are the thing that I’m grateful weakness to. The first thing that I think I’m grateful strength is art , because I like to draw and design clothes and somethings else that still connect to art. When I was 5 years old my mother take me to the art class to have a extra class once a week , I still remember that I’m the one who want my mother to take me to the class because I really like draw and last 2 years ago when I’m still in my old school I use to be in the school art team , every day I need to go to practice art in the art room and then when other people still having class I need to go to others school for every art contest, so every time I have something sad or happy I will draw. The second thing that I think I’m grateful strength is music , because I like to listen and play the music by piano but I’m not that good in piano. When I was about 7 or 8 years old on that time my mother want me to choose one instrument to learn there were piano and violin , on that day I choose violin but I played about 3 years and then I start to like piano but I don’t want to let the teacher to teach me so I use youtube to learn it by my self first after that my dad bought me a electronic piano to play at home so I really like piano then it become my second grateful strength. The thirth thing are the grateful weakness , I think my grateful weakness is math because I don’t like to calculate the amount that over thousand so I hate math that why it is also my grateful weakness but

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