'Dynamic Character In Amy Tan's Two Kinds'

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Brittany Brown Instructor Boyle ENG 113-WA 07 March 2013 Round, Dynamic Characters in Fiction People have many aspects that make up their personality. This is also true for the main character Jing-Mei in Amy Tan’s story entitled “Two Kinds”. Tan uses many different characterization techniques to develop Jing-Mei fully, creating a round and dynamic character. Characterization is the author’s expression of a character’s personality through the use of action, dialogue, thoughts, or commentary by the narrator or another character (Conrey & Stolley). The basic trait of a round character is that we are told enough about them to permit the conclusion that they are three-dimensional, rounded, authentic, memorable, original, and true to life (O’Brien). A…show more content…
The narrator describes at length the things that Jing-Mei’s mother believes she can do. One of the best examples is when she wants Jing-Mei to learn to play the piano. The narrator describes how Jing-Mei doesn’t take the lessons seriously because her instructor is deaf. She does not want to show that she is actually talented. Her mother brags to her Aunt Lindo about how good Jing-Mei is at playing the piano. She wants to show how smart and talented she believes that her daughter is. Jing-Mei purposefully defies that by not investing into the lessons and learning to play properly. After her disastrous performance at the piano recital, the narrator describes the look on Jing-Mei’s mother’s face. “I saw my mother’s face, her stricken face.” This shows the disappointment that her mother felt. She went from obedient to defiant and the description of her mother’s face and her feelings shows us Jing-Mei’s evolution in the story, but I believe the most important way that we are able to tell that Jing-Mei is a dynamic, round character is through her own thoughts and

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