Year of Wonders

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Middle Paragraph for Year of Wonders essay Topic: “The plague will make heroes of us all, whether we will or no.” How heroic were the people of Eyam? |TOPIC SENTENCE (everything else in the |Most of the inhabitants of the village of Eyam were not heroes because they had little choice | |paragraph will explain this sentence and |about fleeing. Many would not have the means to survive if they left. Aphra tells her husband | |expand on it. It is an assertion relating|Joss Bont that “if we take to the road, who will feed us? Like as not, we will starve to death | |to the question.) |there.” (106) This is the reality for many of the villagers – they do not have support outside | | |the village and have no choice but to take their chances at Eyam. The only people that do flee | |QUOTE |are the Bradfords because they have the means to do so. We could speculate that if more of the | | |villagers were wealthy enough to have this option, they too would have deserted the infected | | |area. When Maggie and Brand flee, they are set upon by the people of the next village because | | |they are mortally afraid that these two former Bradford servants are plague carriers. So they | | |really can’t go anywhere. When Mompellion expresses that the “plague will make heroes of us | | |all,” he is referring to Brand’s rescue of Maggie. Brand’s guilt over Maggies’ predicament is | | |what forces him to go back and get her – but is this true heroism when he is acting out of | | |guilt
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