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Chinedum Dike English 101 Composition Mason Comparison & Contrast Paper Final Draft Due October 9 2012 In the stories “Charles” by Shirley Jackson and “The Open Window” by Saki (H.H. Munro), there are many similarities and differences. Some may include that they both involve lies and adult’s fall main victim to these lies. They are similar in the way they manipulate their words. Both main characters in both stories use lots of details. Differences in the two stories may include the settings in both selections. Another difference between the stories could be what they lied about as well. The difference in ages of the main characters is also a difference between the two stories. In “Charles” the stories tells of a boy who causes trouble in kindergarten and lies to his parents to avoid getting in trouble. In “The Open Window” the story tells of a girl who lies just for the amusement. When discussing similarities between “Charles” and “The Open Window”, you can bring up the fact about how both characters tell lies. In story “Charles”, the main character Laurie tells several lies throughout the story so his parents would not find out he was the troublemaker in kindergarten. For example, in the beginning of the selection, Laurie’s father asks, “Did you learn anything” (p.169) and Laurie responds by saying “I didn’t learn anything” (p.169). Then Laurie proceeds to tell his father that a child named Charles was the reason he did not learn anything. He also goes into details about what Charles did that day as well. Those lies are similar to that of “The Open Window” because in this selection Vera lies pathologically. For example, she stated once, “You will bury yourself down there and not speak to a living soul, and your nerves will be worse than ever from moping.”(p.172) ~she also said, “Out through that

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