Wuthering Heights Essay

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English IV. Honors summer reading assignment Choice 1. Choose a complex and important character in Wuthering Heights who might—on the basis of the character's actions alone—be considered evil or immoral. In a well-organized essay, explain both how and why the full presentation of the character in the work makes us react more sympathetically than we otherwise might. Avoid plot summary. Heathcliff’s actions could be considered evil and immoral, but it is through his past struggles and his never-ending love for Catherine that an audience is able to relate and sympathies with this ironic hero. In Wuthering heights opening chapters we are introduced to Heathcliff; a bitter and lonely old man. It is unclear to readers why or how Heathcliff came to behave the way he does. Through Nelly’s story we learn of his struggles, and at times feel sympathy for him. But the complex character, Heathcliff, never fails to disappoint and surprise reader with his cruel actions. From the beginning of the novel, Heathcliff is made out to be a villain. Emily Bronte describes his “black eyes,” to show the stealth of the character. Later in the novel, we learn of Heathcliff’s childhood and his struggles with Hindly as well as love for Catherine. Because of Hindly’s harshness the audience is able to feel sympathy for Heathcliff. And again when Earnshaw, Heathcliff’s adopted father passes. The more negative side of Heathcliff’s character comes out when Catherine becomes engaged to Edgar Linton. In an attempt to get back at Hindly for his cruelty Heathcliff purposely lends him money so that he will fall deeper into dept, because of his alcoholism. This shows the depth of his cruelty. He is now a man filled with hate, revenge and jealousy. Readers may again fell sympathy for Heathcliff despite his cruelty toward young Catherine and Linton, because of his struggle with loosing
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