Mayella Ewell Psychology

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A major factor that affects Mayella in her life, and especially in the trial, is her fear of her father. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Bob Ewell beats up Mayella and blames it on Tom Robinson, which is the reason for the trial. Bob Ewell’s influence on Mayella can be seen in the way she glances at her father and changes her words depending on his reaction. She harbors a fear of her father that makes her submissive to him and match her testimony with his, even if he abused her. For example, Mayella tries to hide her father’s drinking problem, and only reveals it when Atticus coaxes it out of her. Another example is shown when the novel states, “”I positively did”, Mayella echoed her father.”” The way the novel describes her “echoing her father” implies that she is matching her story with Bob Ewell’s lies. Secondly, Bob Ewell’s influence on Mayella consists of more than just fear. He also influences her in her morality; Even with his irresponsibility for his children, he still affects them. Bob Ewell instills racism and immorality in Mayella Ewell, and this influence shows itself in the way she is willing to lie and kill a man for her own benefit. Her specific behavior in the trial is influenced by her father and her fear of not complying to him, while her general actions, too, are influenced by Bob Ewell’s own prejudice and depravity. Chains are a good representation of Mayella and her relationship with her father, as he restricts her words in the trial, while also restricting her in the family with his drinking, irresponsibility, and
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