World War 2 Questions And Answers

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1) What war did you serve in? -World War Two 2) What was your first reaction when you learned about the start of the war? -I was living in Pointville NJ which is now part of Point Dix listening to a Giants football game because it was a Sunday afternoon when they announced the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The football game was interrupted to announce that news. The general attitude of “us young people” was that the United States soldiers would kill the Japanese soldiers in a few months. At the age of thirteen I did not realize what a long and disastrous war the United States entered. 3) What was your first reaction to the draft? - Like most young American men there was very little objection to the draft. I was drafted at age eighteen. 4) If there was no draft would you volunteer to fight?…show more content…
-1 year, 1946-47. I worked in the office mon-fri, 9-5 16) How do you feel about war today? - We (the United States) have to keep our nose out of everyone else’s (other countries) business, war is terrible, our country is like the wild west, we just “shoot them up”. If my grandson wanted to join the army I would do everything in my power to talk him out of it. I would not support him because I could not bear the thought of him voluntarily risking his life. 17) Did you get paid for your service? While I was in the army I got paid thirty seven dollars a month and I sent most of that money home for the hospital bills, after I got out while I was looking for work I got twenty dollars a week for up to fifty- two weeks (like unemployment) 18) Did serving impact your overall life? Were you “emotionally scarred”? The army did not affect me after, it was a year out of my life and I was home half that time (at night). It would have been a completely different experience if I was serving in the shooting war-many of my cousins were and I am so thankful that I was
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