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The Incredibles “Your identity is the most important thing you have.” There are many valuable lessons to be learned from Disney’s Pixar’s The Incredibles. Although it is a children’s movie, adults can take away and adapt these lessons to their own lives. At the core of this movie it teaches people about credibility. Even though, the Incredible family are super hero’s they have to learn to adapt. Due to government cutbacks, the Incredibles are relieved of their super hero duties, and are trying to fit in to the everyday normal walk of life. When we first meet Mr. Incredible (whose voice is done by Craig T. Nelson) we find him doing normal super-hero duties such as rescuing people from runaway trains, and saving citizens from petty crooks. It is not long after he is relieved of his duties that Mr. Incredible is lost. He has become over weight and has lost a lot of his happiness. Fifteen years has passed since he was sued and because of a lack of money was laid off from his normal work. Now Mr. Incredible works for an insurance company as a claims adjuster and you can tell that he is just not happy with his current identity and misses the way his life used to be. It would be very hard for someone to go from “important” to “normal.” Mr. Incredible was used to making a difference in people’s lives. He had a great sense of accomplishment and now seems to feel like he’s underappreciated and lost his value as a super-human being. It would be difficult to deal with not being able to have that sense of accomplishment after having it for so long. This scenario is easy for me to relate too, as I have seen this first-hand within my own family. My dad in the past two or three years had his business go bankrupt. As well as, getting laid off from his next job at Lowes (indefinitely), and then was without work at all for about six months. In my eyes he has

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