Women And Sexuality In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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OUTLINE Bram Stoker uses the women and their sexuality in the novel, to portray the changing society. I. Introduction II. Victorian Women -Written before the suffrage movement of the early-mid 20th century -male dominance over women -Women were not to be sexually leading -Conservative society - In the mind of society, females did not have a sexual drive - Unnatural- evil - Victorian standards - III. The Weird Sister -The three mistress vampires -encountered in Dracula’s castle represent all the qualities of how a woman should not be; voluptuous and sexually aggressive IV. Forward Women A. - “The fair girl went on her knees and bent over me, fairly gloating. There was a deliberate voluptuousness which was both thrilling and repulsive, and as she arched her neck, she actually licked her lips like an animal, till I could see in the moonlight the moisture shining on the scarlet lips and on the red tongue as it lapped the white, sharp, teeth” (Stoker 50). -mixed feelings men had towards forward women…show more content…
Alluding to the fact that, again, a man’s sexual attraction was not entirely his own fault or “responsibility” (per say), this passage also insinuates that women can only be seductively appealing when deliberately tempting a man to “take the forbidden fruit” himself; another reference to evil’s association with a woman’s sexuality. Even if a woman tempted a man and he took the bate, it would still be considered the woman’s fault for defying the set social expectations for proper ladies, as the men could not easily control what was natural to
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