The Winter Walk Essay

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The winter walk It was a cold day on December twenty-first, 1995 as the thermometer read negative forty degrees, Fahrenheit. My mom had to work and since I only went to school every other day I had to go to daycare. Never did I know that I would have to walk to town as my babysitter had forgotten to tell my mom that she wouldn’t be home. A few details may be a little cloudy, as I was only five. This is what I will never forget. My mom told me to get my snowsuit and boots as it was time to go. I protested “Why do I have to wear them? I have to take them off right when I get there anyways!” She didn’t even listen to what I had just say, “We aren’t leaving until you are dressed, now hurry up because I don’t want to be late for work!” Fine, the fight was over and I put on my snowsuit, boots, purple bomber hat, and my gloves. I got into the van and headed towards town. Five minutes later we arrived at the Bengston’s home, my mom pulled into the driveway and put the van into park. “I can walk myself” I said “I’m a big girl now Mom” As only a month from now I would be six so I demanded as much independence as possible. “Okay” my mom said, “Have a good day.” I grabbed my gloves and opened the car door. The winter air was harsh on my lungs as I took in a shallow breath, I cupped my hands over my face as I adjusted to the frigid air. I walked up the stairs, onto the porch and to the front door. I turned around waving to my mom, I had done it by myself. I blew her a kiss and turned back to the door, I grabbed the knob with my small hands but it didn’t move. Weird I thought I took off my glove and I tried it again, but it still didn’t budge. I looked through the frosty glass on the door, the house was still and dark, no one was home. I pounded on the door, no one answered. My mind began to race, where was everyone, why weren’t they home? I began to panic and remembered

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