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Being in a state of loneliness one is most likely secluded from the company of others; however there is more to just being alone. I am not lonely as I write this, I am alone, I am secluded, I am by myself. However if one were to be truly lonely, make them walk through an old cemetery with decaying tomb stones, the last reminders and memories of forgotten souls, some hanging trees and a statue of an old weeping angel covered in decaying moss, a cemetery with bent, balled trees, and pale mist suspended just above the ground. Surely one would think a place to be lonely a place lost in time, secluded and forsaken. When authors write or describe a place, with great detail and emotion it gives readers the ability to empathize the message being given. This gives authors their style and poetical voice. Edith Wharton’s excerpt Winter Road she describes an area with gloomy and miserable words. With the words described in the passage, Edith Wharton layers negative connotative words and different types of imagery to build mood of loneliness and depression. Winter Road is a passage that expresses depressing, and lonely emotions that the author was trying to show through the use of symbolism and detailed description of the area. Edith Wharton’s Winter Road really puts the word “depressing” in a deeper level. In this excerpt she describes a school house with a “road forked” and a snow mill that is now “exanimate” and an “Idle water mill looming above the black stream dashed with a yellow white spume.” (Lines 4-5) The author uses that quote to emphasize the disgusting and depressing mood, it also broadens the reader’s perception in detail of the surrounding settings. `”One of those lonely new England farmhouses that make the landscape lonelier” (Line 11-12) this quote expresses the lonely feeling in this town. The Author selects good use of words to express total

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