Field Of Automn - Lee Laurie

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Field of Autumn by Laurie Lee glorifies the autumn season throughout the poem. The poem focuses on the transition between autumn and winter and its effects on nature. Throughout, there is a sense of a slow transition between the two seasons, almost a painful experience going from autumn to winter. Different affects of the arrival of winter are explored through the experiences of animals as well as trees and other aspects of nature. Winter is given a negative feeling in the poem and though the word ‘winter’ is never used, it is implied. An image of slowing fading from autumn to winter is given throughout the poem. It is apparent that there is not a quick change between the two seasons, but more so a painful and unwanted transition. The first line of the first stanza opens with “slow moves the acid breath”. The first word of the poem sets a calm soothing slow atmosphere that is contrasted with the following word acid. This word has a sharp sound and gives a sharp image to the reader. Never the less, the remainder of the poem continues to have a slow atmosphere. In the first and last stanza the word slow is repeated, this is influential on the atmosphere for the repetition emphasises the word and as a result slows things down even more. Other examples of use of language add to the atmosphere. Words such as “fall, palsied, low, drops, draws thin” relating to the natural aspects of the poem, add to the calm nature of the atmosphere. Things are falling and dying but not in an excruciatingly painful way, but more so going to sleep, like the earth does in the winter. The theme of slowness affects the aspects of the animals mentioned in the poem as well, with the sheep being described as “snail-backed”. The use of the word snail evokes an image of calm and slowness in the poem. The speaker’s strong connection to the autumn season is seen throughout the poem. The way in
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