William Tecumseh Sherman Biography

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Born in Lancaster, Ohio on February 8 1820, William Tecumseh Sherman would later become one of America’s greatest army officers (Virtual). Famous for his idea of “total war” Sherman was named after the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, who had unsuccessfully tried to unite the tribes of the Ohio River Valley against American intrusion (PBS). Sherman was one of eleven children. When his father died in 1829, William was raised by multiple relatives and family friends. While living with different families, Sherman lived with Senator Thomas Ewing who obtained an appointment for William to attend the United States Military Academy where he graduated 6th in his class in 1840 (Civil). However, his military career was not successful to begin with. Although Sherman saw some action in the Second Seminole War in Florida, he did not serve in the Mexican-American War (Civil). He instead resigned from the Army in 1853 to pursue a career in banking and soon after, a career as a lawyer (PBS). In 1859, Sherman became the superintendent of the Louisiana Military Academy but soon resigned at the start of the Civil War (Civil). He commanded a brigade in the first major battle at Bull Run in Virginia and a division at Shiloh (Wicker). During the war, Sherman gathered an army of men for the invasion of Georgia. They captured and burned Atlanta and began their March to the Sea to capture Savannah (biography.com). He captured Savannah on December 12, 1864 and went north for the capture of the Carolinas (Wicker). Together with Ulysses S. Grant’s victories in Virginia they destroyed the ability of the Confederacy to continue the war. Sherman was appointed commander in chief following Grant in 1869 and remained…show more content…
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