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Torres 1 Ivan Torres Mrs. Reber English Comp 1 18th February 2012 Willa Cather There has been many great American authors through time. Willa Cather can be recognized as one of the greats. She has written many books and poems that have been recognized and translated all over the world. Although Willa Cather was a famous author her home life, background/achievement, and her greatest accomplishments is what made her who she is today. Willa Cather was born on 7 December, 1873 in Back Creek Valley (Marriman 1). Her father was Charles Cather, a farmer and her mother was Mary Boak (1). Many of her stories were based on the events she went through as a child. The Cather’s traveled west across six states landing in Nebraska Webster County, in 1883 to live at her paternal grandfathers farm at a time when many Swedish, French, and Bohemian immigrants pioneers had moved to the area with dreams of homesteading (1). A few years later her family moved again where her dad opened an insurance and real estate office. Willa Cather would later enter the University of Nebraska in 1891 (1). Cather’s plans were to study science, but after one of her professors submitted one of her essays to the school Torres 2 newspaper, The Nebraska State Journal caused her to rethink her career plans (1). Willa Cather would end up participating in many school plays which led her to love music. Later about a year of graduating college she moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she got a job submitting book reviews (1). Through time people became more aware of her writing skills which lead to her writings of short stories. This is when her long journalistic career began. While living in Pittsburgh Willa Cather would end up becoming a high school teacher. As a teacher she taught at two different schools, Central High School is where she taught for her first year (1). She would later
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