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Sylvia Plath research paper Notes While completing her studies at the University of Cambridge, she met Ted Hughes. This man was the love of her life and they got married on June 16, 1956 with Sylvia's mom in attendance. Ted and Sylvia decided to move back to the United States after getting married. They both lived and worked in the United States from July 1957 through October 1959. Sylvia taught at Smith College and attended many writing seminars where she met and became friends with Robert Lowell. Robert Lowell had a profound effect on her writing skills. He taught her technique that improved her writing. Also at these seminars, Sylvia and Ted met Anne Sexton and W.S. Merwin who admired both the work of Sylvia and Ted. When Sylvia became pregnant with the couple's first child, they decided to move back to the United Kingdom, where they lived in Devon. On April 1, 1960, Freida Hughes was born. After the birth of her first daughter, Sylvia's first collection of poems titled, "The Colossus" was published in the United Kingdom Later in 1961, Sylvia suffered a devastating miscarriage. This event pulled her deeper into depression and it was very evident in her writing and in everything… In 1960, Sylvia Plath's first collection of poems, The Colossus was published. Shortly thereafter, she and Ted Hughes moved "to an English country village in Devon" ("Sylvia Plath (1932-1963)"). In 1960, their first child, a daughter named Frieda, named after Sylvia's beloved paternal aunt, was born, and in 1962, their son Nicholas was born. Sylvia also suffered several miscarriages before and between the births of her children (Neurotic Poets 5-6), and "less than two years after the birth of their first child their marriage broke apart ("Sylvia Plath, 1932-1963" 1) One can only speculate about the volume and the quality of future work that Sylvia Plath, already a seasoned and much

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