Why You Think Pm Its Important

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Why you think PM its important? Answer: PM is planning and controlling project activities to ensure goals and objectives are achieved on time, to the desired quality and within budget. Some companies in a certain period the economic situation is very good, but the absence of strengthening project management, capital expense plan, prior to carrying out investment projects has not been fully demonstrated, and ultimately lead to project failure. Therefore, regardless of the economic efficiency of enterprises is good or bad, businesses of all sizes need to strengthen project management, if there is no project, we must try to find projects, through innovative thinking, through continuous market demand analysis, market development to discover new items. For the current project, we should manage to make each project to success, which is to enable enterprises to obtain the necessary way to sustainable development. Therefore great importance to project management and strengthening of project management is the only way to business success. How and where to do think PM will be useful? Answer: Project management is project manager, in limited resource constraints, the operation system of viewpoint and method and theory, all the work project involves the effective management. That is, from the project investment decision to end project started the process of planning, organizing, directing, coordination, control, and evaluation, in order to realize the goal of the project. Different function department because one member of the team and a project, project manager is the project team leader They directed responsibility is to lead his team on time and high quality to finish all the work, in the budget not realize the project goals. Project management is not only project executives, he involved in the project requirement determination, project selection, plans until the
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