Why Was the Usa Unable to Defeat Communism in South East Asia

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Why was the USA unable to defeat communism in South East Asia in the years of 1965-1973? US troops has been in Vietnam since the early 1950’s fighting with the South to protect them and other countries against the possible communist take over from North Vietnam and its leader Ho Chi Minh. However after putting billions of dollars and loosing thousands of US troops, in 1973 America left the Vietnam War after facing defeat and failing to stop communism. In this essay I will discuss why this happened and what is was that stopped the great power that was America. One of the main reasons America could not defeat the North Vietnamese communists was more to the fault of the South Vietnamese government; as the government was weak and poorly managed they lacked control and representativeness. The people of the south had little faith in them and there were many anti-Diem groups spread around the South. With the people not trusting their own government the whole of South Vietnam was in a delicate state, this only caused problems for the USA as they were to protect and fight with people who were living in political chaos. The political issues of the South were only made worse by the fact that the North Vietnamese government was strong and highly popular, they were determined to win the war and so were the people of the North which meant it would be a lot more difficult for the south. As well as the political problems there were also military problems that prevented the USA from defeating Communism in South East Asia. The Ho Chi Minh trail was the method that the north used to pass supplies to communists in the South however it was also used as well as the Chu Chi tunnels as a huge supplies base, holding weapons, ammunition, food, and hospitals. The use of the Ho Chi Minh trails continued right from the start of the war till the very end as because of the jungle terrain the
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