“Why The Importance Of Viewing And Embalming???”

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“WHY THE IMPORTANCE OF VIEWING AND EMBALMING???” Embalming: Embalming is the art and science of preserving human death body for a temporary period of time in order to make it suitable for people to have a look over it while the funeral – which is termed as viewing. It also makes the body preserve and disinfects in avoidance the spread of diseases. Viewing: To have a look or glance on the death body of the person during the time of funeral is termed as viewing. It is also very common in almost all of the cultures for a long time till now. History of embalming: Embalming had been a part of many of the cultures and its history is also very long and old. The region that had practiced the process of embalming for a longer extend is the Egypt. They did mummification of the death bodies that reflects the embalming. According to them by mummification they are making the soul of the corpse more powerful. Other cultures that had adopted the embalming in the form of mummification were Peru, Han dynasty of China and Incas. The process of embalming became advanced during the American civil war. Many of the soldiers had died in the war and in order to send their bodies to their hometown or to their relatives embalming of the death bodies had done to preserve the bodies and to avoid their deterioration. Dr. Thomas Holmes for this reason got the order to embalm the bodies of the soldiers to return them to their families. An embalmed body looks much better and normal than the unembalmed body so the viewers can have a look over it. Embalmer: The person who is involve in embalming the bodies i.e. prepare the body for burial is called “embalmer”. Sometimes funeral director also serves as an embalmer. However, they both are having different roles and responsibilities. A funeral director is the person who is responsible to arrange the final place to dispose the deceased,

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