Case Study: Jit at Arnold Palmer Hospital

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Case Study: JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital Managing Operations across the Supply Chain – GSCM 206 1. What do you recommend be done when an error is found in a pack as it is opened for an operation? The most basic and immediate solution is to get another pack and order a replacement as soon as possible. Even though the Arnold Palmer Hospital uses the JIT system, they do have spare surgical packs for emergencies but they are bulky, must remain sterile and take up a lot of space. By adopting the JIT system, these types of errors are known instantly and the delivery company can be notified within a day so they can ascertain the reason for the error and take appropriate action to correct the error and ensure that the spare surgical pack is replaced. 2. How might the procedure for custom surgical packs described here be improved? One improvement is that the Arnold Palmer hospital could look at the number of custom surgical packs held in inventory to see if they could be reduced. By reducing their spare inventory of surgical packs from one day to a half a day, would increase efficiency and alleviate space concerns. Another area of improvement is to analyze their issue resolution turnaround time to determine if they can increase their efficiency in dealing with problems that arise. 3. When discussing JIT in services, the text notes that suppliers, inventory, and scheduling are all used. Provide an example of each of these at Arnold Palmer Hospital. • The suppliers of Arnold Palmer Hospital must be committed to providing the highest quality products with frequent delivery of supplies. • The amount of inventory to Arnold Palmer hospital is kept at a minimum. This will guarantee that products that are defective are not produced, shipped or stored. The advantage of this at Arnold Palmer hospital is that the quality is increased because only a

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