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Critical Thinking: 1) Why do you find this career to be of interest? A coroner has to examine a dead body to find out how the person died, what could have been the cause of death. 2) What are the factors that make a career in forensic science appealing? I like how a coroner has to perform autopsies to figure out how a person died through surgeries and tests. 3) Does the average salary of forensic scientist compete with other professions that require equal education? Explain, providing examples. A coroner’s average salary range of $44,503-$173,300 and a plastic surgeon’s salary range is $237,000-$412,000. But it also depends on the experience and how long they have been in the field. 4) What other professions, scientific or not, might be appealing to you and why? A Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon also interests me because I want to be well paid, in California and I want to perform surgeries on people and make them feel better about themselves. 5) Have you researched other professions that you might be interested in pursuing upon graduation? If so, what have you learned? If not, what are you waiting for? I have researched Plastic Surgery and I’ve learned it takes a lot of schooling and residency to become a surgeon, just like a coroner. There are also different categories of plastic surgery, like reconstructive surgery or cosmetic. I’m also now newly interested in being a forensic coroner after the research I’ve done. Running Head Forensic Coroner 1 Forensic Coroner Jacey Brosious Period 2 Forensic Science Falcon High School Mr. Striebel Forensic Coroner 2 Forensic Coroners are medical doctors who perform autopsies. The goal of a forensic coroner is to determine a cause of death through surgery and tests. Forensic coroners are also known as forensic pathologists; they have expertise in looking for clues or evidence not

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