Why Teenager Run Away from Home Essay

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Teenagers are more likely to run away from home than an adolescent child. Many people think about running away just to leave there problems behind in turn they create new and more complicated problems. As a teen I ran away for a day it was not a long period of time before I ended up back at home. But since my parents were divorced I ended up moving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to live with my mother. From there my life seemed to go downhill because my mother did not care what I did. To this day, I still dislike my stepmother for saying the hateful things she said to me for me to leave the house. Since I left her house I have not spoken with my father for nine long years. A lot has happened in those years that he knows nothing about. One choice can change the rest of your life for better or worse but you make it what it is. Become the proactive parent your teen needs you to be so you are able to support them and encourage them to great and prosperous things in their lifetime. There are many reasons why a teenager may run away they include but not limited to; death of a family member, problems at school or problems at home. Words of advice become your teenager’s friend along with being their parent. When a family member dies it starts a chain of events in a teenager’s life. The teenager is not likely to talk about it unless they can confide in someone. That someone should be their parent or parents. That family member could be a parent, sibling, or a grandparent anyone that the teen had been close to for a portion of their life. If the teenager doesn’t have that contact with someone they may resort to running away. After a teen runs away their life starts a tail spin they have to do many different things to maintain their basic necessities. It starts out small with stealing then it leads to drinking alcohol and the use of drugs to joining a gang and most

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