Why Is The Constitution Important To Me

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Well as an American, the Constitution should be important to me. However, I may have some doubts on how well our government is following the Constitution. Our Constitution is a system of basic laws and principles that defines the rights of American citizens. I believe this is an important document that establishes our government and sets limits on what it can and cannot do. The Constitution is the basis of what this country is about. It contains the rules that govern our country and protects the rights and freedoms of America's citizens. America is known as the country that stands for “freedom" and starting a life where you have the free will to do as you please. We have freedom of speech, we have freedom of religion, and there are many other examples of how the Constitution shows up in our lives every single…show more content…
Like September 11th 2001, for example, the country was not prepared to deal with the terrorist attacks that occurred in New York City. After that many Americans including myself, did not feel safe or secure. Another example was Hurricane Katrina; this Hurricane did so much damage and took so many lives. After Katrina, the government took a very long time and did not act quickly to provide those affected by Katrina with money, food, and shelter. Even today you can see all the damage that Katrina did to New Orleans, and still no action by the national government is being done. It would be a wonderful, perfect world if everyone followed the Constitution, unfortunately I feel like it’s not like that. With the Bush Administration in power I felt like our Government did not follow our Constitution in any way. I feel like they were trying to destroy both our Constitution and way of life because of wanting power and greed. Now hopefully with President Obama, things will change and the Constitution would finally be brought about in
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