Why Is Julius Caesar Important

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Essay 4 Julius Caesar has long been one of the most important historical figures in the ancient history, as well as having significant impact on the modern history. His name appears in many major historical researches, novels, music, plays, and various forms. The assassination of Julius Caesar was made famous by playwright Shakespeare. However, the death of this great man was, and still is a controversial debate among historians. Had Caesar continued to rule, could the Roman history have taken a different path? Caesar was known to be undefeated, having lost none of the battles that he had led. One of his most well-known battles included the conquest of Gaul, victory in Egypt and extension of Rome to the Atlantic Ocean. Not only did this secure the borders of the provinces, it also…show more content…
Pompey was easily exploited and the senators also attempted to strip Caesar of all power. This was an incredibly thing to achieved due to the fact that Rome had operated as a republic for quite a long period and, enabling the senators to take advantage of its constitution loopholes. Taking the power away from the Senate was considered to be non-traditional and that it would threaten the original institution of the republic. However, it was only considered to be an “unwise” decision to the Senate because their corrupted network was revealed to the Roman citizens following Caesar’s reform. Some could argue that Caesar could have been power hungry and attempted to take control of other authorities. However, this reform improved the distribution of power, ensuring only the talented and dedicated individuals would be in power and breaking the monopolies existed within the Senate. Elections would then be straightforward, legitimate, minimizing corruption. The widespread corruption was affecting the state so badly that It needed to be put to an
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