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The Pax Romana The Pax Romana, or the Roman Peace, was a time of peace, prosperity, and expansion in Rome. The Pax Romana lasted from 27BC to 180AD. The Pax Romana started when Augustus came into power, and ended when Marcus Aurelius died. The idea of the Pax Romana was started when Augustus ended the idea of a civil war. He tried to teach the Romans that if they were not at war, there could be growth and prosperity all throughout Rome. However, Augustus had to cover up the damage that his adopted father, Julius Caesar, had done to Rome. At first, people believed that Julius Caesar would be a good leader, but sadly, he used the power for his own personal gain. He had a daughter named Julia, who he married to Pompey, creating an alliance. Once Julia died,…show more content…
Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt and Julius Caesars mistress. Marc Antony was Julius Caesar’s lieutenant. They both wanted the power and thought if they joined forces, they could take down Octavian. During the battle, Cleopatra thought that Marc Antony had died so she went back home. Once Marc Antony saw her leaving, he chased her, leaving his navy alone. His navy was defeated once he left, leaving Octavian and what was left of his Navy to come kill Cleopatra and Marc Antony. They both, however, committed suicide before he could get there. After Octavian won the war, he became the Emperor of Rome. Once Octavian came to power, the Pax Romana began. He did many great things as he was leader, and he got the name Augustus. The name Augustus is more of a religious title than a title of political authority. He was also appointed Princeps Maximus. Octavian also got married to a woman named Livia, and they stayed married until his death, which was very uncommon in Ancient Rome. They had two children together, Gaius and Claudius. Livia also had another son, Tiberius, with her first husband,

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