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Why is Government Important? American Government Many may not realize it but government is a big part of their life. How long they go to school, how the transportation works in their city, how the quality of the food is that is consumed, and the biggest one is how much money you pay for your taxes. These are just a few ways the government affects our everyday lives. This is why it is very imperative that the citizens should learn about their government. Not knowing how the government works could really affect the lives of many citizens. If citizens did not know about the democratic and the republican. Without government and laws, people would run wild over society. The purpose of government is to maintain order and prevent social chaos. Use an the example of rules of your household. What rules must your child follow? Why did you make these rules? The rules are to protect them from harm or something bad. Government protects its people from harm as well. Government sets guidelines for its people and they are expected to follow the law. Government comes from the consent of the people. We pay taxes and the government does things for us for instance Police, schools, roads, etc. Many people think that the government does not affect them. The government affects everything. It affects how much you pay for things, it affects the market for things, it affects how those things are sold, and how badly you get taken advantage of in the deal. It affects how much you get paid and what benefits you receive, if any. If the government as we now know it didn't exist, how would it impact me? My list is as follows; National Defense, keeping our country safe Roads and Transportation Public Safety, Police, Fire, EMT Public Education, Farm, Subsidy Payment. People would have to take responsibility for themselves. Plan ahead for job loss, retirement, illness, you know

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