Human Security Issues

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Nature of human security issue The first factor identified in affecting the securitisation of human security issue is the nature of the issue and its relation to the people. Different human security issue may relate to different people at different magnitude and time. As such, one’s pressing human security threat might not be another’s threat depending on the context and perspective held by different individuals or groups. In a way, as human security concern a span of different matters, some of which will be more prominent in certain areas while some will not. For example, a state like Singapore would be more likely to face water security threat as opposed to Canada, where they enjoy a larger pool of water resource. On top of that, as different…show more content…
State capacity then plays a tantamount role in a state securitising a human security threat. The relation of these definition of state capacity and securitisation refers to a range of capacity such as the government’s ability to extract resources and produce revenue, capacity to make and implement policies and enforce laws, capacity to regulate the market, redistribute wealth and deliver public goods, capacity to maintain social order and public safety and the capacity to keep public agencies running. In this particular case of human security threats, it will also be dependent on the state’s capacity to ensure public safety or needs and to follow up with necessary…show more content…
This proves that CSOs are capable of bringing changes on different levels that help protect the vulnerable from threats and develop their rights. Pressure from domestic audience On a smaller scale, the pressure from domestic population plays a deciding factor on securitising threats as well. Governments, needing to maintain legitimacy with its people, would have to address threats faced by its people. If there are issues that threatens the human security of the people, it is likely that protests and riots will be started. If the matters continue to be disregarded, the government would then face threats on their own accountability to the people and their right to rule. As mentioned earlier, this ironically may become a threat to the securitisation of human security issue as well. With regards to domestic pressure, if the human security threat raised is only faced by a minority group or a group with less power in the state yet it benefits the majority or a group with power — the state would then face the need to strike a balance between both

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