Why I Want To Be A Marine Corps Essay

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Being a part of the Marine Corps is amazing for every Marine, it is a since of loyalty, honor and duty for your country. However, for me it was becoming a Force Recon Marine. In the Marine Corps, Force Recon Marines are the special operations individuals. These honorable soldiers jump out of planes, scuba dive, endure high-speed shooting, surveillance, and reconnaissance activities. I loved jumping out airplanes and experiences that came with it. One of the best work events that I can remember is the first time that I ever had the opportunity to plan and execute a company size military free fall jump for Second Force Recon Company. The first reason that this is my favorite work event is because it provided me the with the chance to test myself and see if I was ready to plan and then execute a military free fall jump mission. There is extensive work that goes into the planning and execution of a mission. Things that should be known is who all will be attending the jump, then verifying that all jumpers have a parachute. Once an accurate count is determined and parachutes…show more content…
It was an exhilarating experience to test my abilities in the planning and execution of a free fall jump. I was able to add fun to a very stressful and dangerous training event and lastly I was able to discover where I was in need of improvement. The job of being a Jumpmaster is something that one does because they love it, and because you see something bigger than yourself. Force Recon Marine’s do this job for the challenge and to show the world that the Marines are the best. I would never ask my soldiers to experience and do things that I would not do myself, because they need to know that you are the one that they would rather be in the field with than any other
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