Why Huck Finn Should Be Banned

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Tyler Andress HUCK FINN SHOULD BE BANNED Should Huck Finn be banned from public schools? This is a debate that has been the topic of conversation for many educators. Some say that the book contains offensive and racist language and details. They say that the book should be removed from required reading lists. I respectfully disagree. I don’t think that is drastic enough. I believe the book should be completely banned from all US public institutions of learning. Reasoning behind this statement includes the offences taken from the book, the legacy of America, and the fact that the book is boring. Numerous complains across the country have arisen from the book “Huck Finn” ever since it was published. That itself tells you that at every point in its published history, the book has offended someone, somewhere. Originally it was the character of Huck, his uncivilized manor and the direction of the book that offended the readers, oh so many years ago. More recently it is the way that blacks, or specifically, the black slave Jim, is portrayed and addressed. African Americans are a loving and kind people. Our very own president Barack H. Obama would be inclined to agree with me. Showing the children of America the typical stereotype that has developed over our history is in no way improving advancement in our society. The past is the past, and dwelling on the past is by no means productive. We must look towards the future, as that holds the key to our legacy. The legacy of America is a proud one. From invading foreign countries to suing over spilt coffee, we Americans have every right to hold our heads up high and be proud. How can we teach this to our children, and our children’s children, when they are being taught in school such atrocities such as Huck Finn? We live in a diverse and ever growing society, with races from all corners

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