Banned Book Essay

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Books are constantly being banned from all different places for all different reasons as well as from all age groups. Books are usually banned because of content such as profanity, sexual situations, or even witchcraft. But should they be banned to everyone just for these reasons? Books should not be banned to high school students and older. Student in high school are exposed to many different things, good and bad, as a part of growing up and maturing. If student in high school are maturing, why not slowly test their maturity with book of explicit content. We all know how teenagers really think, so practicing reading comprehension is not first on their list. Why not give them books that will hold their attention. They should be old enough to handle it. Students in high school who are old enough to obtain a permit and eventually a driver license should be allowed to read any book that is assigned to them or of which they choose. Those trusted to operate heavy machinery in the street, risking not only their lives, but everyone else’s who steps in the vehicle with them, should surly be allowed to read books with explicit content. Why wouldn’t a student be allowed to read a certain book if they could just so easily get a license to drive. Just as well, many seniors in high school are eighteen and these books are banned to them as well. Eighteen is the age when students are accepted into the military. To stand up and fight for their country. If they are old enough to fight for their country and lay their lives on the line, who’s to say that they are not allowed to read a book just because of profanity, or witchcraft, or a different religious view ? Books are constantly being pulled from public libraries, schools, and districts all together. All in all books should not be banned, but that is a big step to take. So, not banning them to high school students and
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