Why Do Americans Support The Death Penalty?

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Dillon Long McCullagh 1 McCullagh English 11 February 10, 2013 The Death Penalty For many years a debate has gone on whether or not capital punishment or “the death penalty” should be in affect in the united states. Three out of four Americans support the death penalty, these people support the death penalty for many different valid reasons some of these reasons being that they believe that the death penalty deters criminals from committing murder. They also believe that death is the appropriate punishment for people who commit murder. Death penalty opponents oppose the death penalty for another set of valid reasons. Some of these reasons are that the death penalty is more expensive then a life in prison sentence, also they believe that the death penalty may result in innocent people getting executed. A third reason why death penalty opponents oppose the death penalty is biased to minorities and impoverish people. I am on the side that opposes the death penalty because I belive that tax payers should not have to pay extra to keep criminals on death row. ("Death Penalty." Issues & Controversies On File: n. pag. Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 1 May 1998. Web. 13…show more content…
The American justice system is not 100% efficient when convicting murderers and it is certain that people have been convicted of murder who were not responsible for the crime. It is also highly probable that an innocent person has been executed for a crime that they did not commit. To people that do not support the death penalty the risk of executing an innocent person is to great to have such a punishment in affect. They believe that people should be sentenced to life in prison so that they can have the opportunity to be granted a retrial if more evidence concerning their case is

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