Why Did so Many Colonist Die in Jamestown?

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Why did so many colonist die in Jamestown? Three ships sail to a brand new land with about 100 British colonist, but little did they know what they had coming for them. Within a year already half of the men pass away, but why? It was spring of 1806 king James had sent gentlemen to Virginia to sought the riches that could lay ahead, or any natives to convert Christian, and to create the first new colony. They settle by a river that they call James river. There are three main reasons why they died so quickly and that first reason was because of the Native Americans that lived there. Jamestown was surrounded by many Native Americans. Being surrounded by then wasn't the only problem. They both were fighting for the same necessities such as food and clean water, supplies for winter and surviving. 2 die in the first Indian attack on fort James in may, then 3 more die in an Indian ambush in June, then in august the Indians kill 50 men(Document E).In 16069 36 men sails up to Chesapeake Bay to try and trade for corn with the Patawomeke Indians (they had seen less of the English and had luck to be more friendly.)They were able to fill the ship with grain they only succeeded because "some harsh and crewell dealing by cutting of towe of salvages heads and other extrmetyes." So by saying that they actually killed the chief of the tribe and saying that they didn't even take it back to James town because they knew it wasn't gonna be enough to last for the winter so they went and took back so they can take to survive to go back to England. This helps use know that because of that some colonist went there to make it worse by creating more conflict with the natives by stealing their food and killing people (Document D). The second reason for some deaths in Jamestown was because of the lack of skill. They had plenty gentlemen that didn't know what they are doing or how to

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