Why Did Nicholas Ii Loose Power in 1917 but Not 1905

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Why did Nicholas II loose power in 1917 but not 1905 Nicholas II lost power in 1917 because of many reasons. The main reason was the army which was under complete control of the tsar started to rebel against the Tsar by not carrying out his orders. On the 25th of February Cossack troops refused to fire on demonstrators. Also the elite Pavlosky life guards also refused to carry out their orders. This was the first sing to the Tsar to show that he has lost his authority and that the government authority had begun to break down. In the 1905 revolution tarism survived because the army stayed loyal to the Tsar and it was relatively easy for the army to take care of protesters. But the February revolution was very different because the Volinsky regiment mutinied and joined the protesters and also a lot of the army also wanted a change and an end to Tsarism. One of the main problems in Russia in 1917 was the world war the war it put a giant strain on the whole of Russia it caused social, political and economic problems for Russia. One of the main problems was the social problems it caused because of the loss of agricultural workers in the war led to a massive food shortage in Russia it also dint help when the tsar announced their would be bread rationing, in the war Russia also didn’t perform very well they lost 1.6 million Russian soldiers 3.9 million were wounded and 2.4 million were captured. another reason why the 1905 revolution survived was because the Tsar issued the October manifest which meant that a lot of people were happy because it allowed people to have a freedom of speech it also said that the Tsar would share his power which he had to intention of doing over time he started undoing concessions and arguing that the Duma was only a shell of democracy as it could not pass laws without the approval of the monarch, and that freedom of speech was heavily
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