Why Did Lloyd-George Fall from Power in 1922?

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Why did Lloyd George fall from power in 1922? (24) In 1918, the Coalition Conservatives won a majority in the Coupon Election with 335 seats yet, due to his reputation as ‘the man who won the war’, elected Lloyd George to remain as Prime Minister. Four years later however, Lloyd George falls from power due to four main reasons; his unstable political position, ill timed social reforms, association with corruption and unpopular foreign policies. Whilst all of these reasons are significant some are more important than others. The most important reason why Lloyd George fell from power in 1922 was due to his unstable political position. In the years 1918-1922 Lloyd George was still riding on the high of his wartime his wartime success and was leading the country by his reputation, not his current state of leadership. In truth, the Conservative Coalition government had gained a declining reputation and its leader had been described as a ‘tired’ individual who was ‘past his best’. As the media continued to express distaste for Lloyd George, the Conservatives grew equally anxious about their reputation and, we must not forget that they had the power to remove the Prime Minister from power when they saw fit. The fact that Lloyd George’s power rested on his political enemies made it very difficult to employ social and economic reforms as he would require the backing of the Conservatives. This weak political position made it virtually impossible to achieve anything during his four year post war period as Prime Minister and Lloyd George found himself in a vulnerable position where, if he wanted to do something, he would have to run it past the Conservatives, often failing, and if he did nothing the Conservatives would remove him from power. It was only a matter of time before they did. A second major reason which caused Lloyd George’s downfall in 1922 was his
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