Why Brutus Is The Hero

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It is shown through out the play in many different acts and scenes that the real hero is actually not Julius Caesar. Many people might say that Julius Caesar is the real hero in the play but the real hero is Marcus Brutus. Brutus was a hero in a different type of way; in a way that bad was done to save the good. He persisted qualities that no other person did and he was a master to his family, friends, and people of Rome. The three qualities that make Brutus a hero are that he was not a man that would deceive people, he was noble and influenced others in a positive way. Brutus never deceived anyone neither would he want to. When Brutus murdered Caesar it was not to deceive him but Brutus did it for the good of the republicans and for the good of Rome. "If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar this is my answer: not that I loved Caesar less but that I loved Rome more. had you rather Caesar living and die all slaves than that Caesar were dead to live all freemen?"(Act 3-Scene 2 Lines 21-24). Brutus was afraid of what would happen to Rome if Caesar was in power, Caesar would of forgotten where he came from and would change the government to a dictatorship. Brutus was a master to the people of Rome and he wanted to keep everyone happy and wanted to keep the republicans respectful towards him and the rest of the government. Brutus was a noble man that always stood up for what he believed in, was not concerned with personal gain and risked his own life for Rome. Antony himself calls Brutus the "noblest Roman", meaning most honourable. "This was the noblest Roman of them all: All the conspirators, save only he, did that they did in envy of great Caesar; he only, in a general honest thought in common good to all, made one of them." (Act 5 Scene 5 Lines 68-72). Brutus was also a noble man in a way that he loved and cared for everyone and did not just
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